Genghis Cohen

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Company Veterans Training Fund

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Company Bio Veteran Training Fund is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization committed to empowering and supporting military veterans in their post-service transition, incorporating professional development and high-impact Search and Rescue training programs. Recognizing the unique skills and experiences veterans bring to the civilian workforce, the organization focuses on delivering comprehensive training initiatives that bridge the gap between military service and civilian careers, emphasizing SAR operations characterized by swift, effective responses. In addition to professional development, the SAR training involves action-oriented rescue scenarios, deploying highly trained veterans. This hands-on approach equips veterans with the skills and expertise needed for rapid and efficient emergency response, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle critical situations. The dual-focus approach prepares veterans to excel both in civilian careers and as integral members of SAR teams, contributing meaningfully to the safety and well-being of communities.

Sector/Industry Non-Profit

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Address 3430 Polaris Ave.

City Las Vegas

State Nevada

Zip 89102

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First Name Genghis

Last Name Cohen

Position Chairman

Branch of Service Veteran Supporter

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Member Since July 2, 2024

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