Veteran Coffee Connections

Pedal & Pour 9742 W Maule Ave, 9742 W Maule Ave
Welcome to the SNVCC’s Business Coffee Mixer Meetup! Join us for a unique networking event where business professionals come together over a cup of premium coffee to connect, collaborate, and create new opportunities. This meetup is designed for individuals looking to expand their professional networks, share insights, and develop meaningful business relationships in a relaxed and stimulating atmosphere. What to Expect: Professional Networking: Meet and engage with a diverse group of professionals from various industries, fostering connections that could lead to future business collaborations and opportunities. Expert Speakers: Gain valuable knowledge from industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs through insightful talks and discussions on current business trends, strategies, and innovations. Skill-Building Workshops: Enhance your professional skills with interactive workshops focused on topics such as effective communication, leadership, and personal branding. Coffee Experience: Savor a selection of specialty coffees from local roasters while learning about the different brewing techniques and the nuances of coffee tasting. Business Card Exchange: Take advantage of dedicated networking sessions to exchange business cards, share ideas, and establish connections that could benefit your professional journey. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a corporate professional, or someone interested in expanding your business network, the Business Coffee Mixer Meetup offers a perfect […]